Speaker Meeting

VONR Speaker Meeting
Instructions for Accessing Gmail Account

Description: Serves indefinite term
Records the Saturday night speaker, if applicable. Speaker Meeting Recorder needs to be active in the group for at least 30 days and have a desire to be nicotine free.  He/she serves for as long as he/she is able to perform the service.

To respond to SpeakerMeeting@voicesofnicotinerecovery.com email:

  1. Login to https://www.google.com/a/voicesofnicotinerecovery.com/
  2. Username: SpeakerMeeting
  3. Password: provided in email to you by the Web Servant
  4. In top navigation bar, click on Mail
  5. Mail opens
  6. Note that unread mail is white, read mail is gray
  7. Sign out: Click the email address top right, drop down menu opens
  8. Select “Sign out” button in the drop down menu

updated 4/9/18