Hippy Spam Poster

Hippy Spam Poster
Instructions for accessing email account
for hippyspam@voicesofnicotinerecovery.com

Description: indefinite term.
Responsible to ensure that regular weekly postings are made to our Yahoo Message Board (Forum) as required by Group Conscience.  This would include regular weekly postings of:  (1) How To Get To Meetings  (2) Adding your Name to Our Sponsor List  (3) How to become an Admin/  including our current ‘Dare2Chair Campaign’ (4) Telephone Meetings; and (5) Service Positions (While waiting to be Nicotine-Free); and other regular weekly postings as requested by our various Trusted Servants or the VONR Group Conscience.  This position works closely with the File Manager. 

The name ‘HippySpam’ is in honour of our late co-founder JohnR. (oldhippydude999).

To respond to hippyspam@voicesofnicotinerecovery.com email:

  1. Login to https://www.google.com/a/voicesofnicotinerecovery.com/
  2. Username: hippyspam
  3. Password: provided in email to you by the Web Servant
  4. In top navigation bar, click on Mail
  5. Mail opens
  6. Note that unread mail is white, read mail is gray
  7. Sign out: Click the email address top right, drop down menu opens
  8. Select “Sign out” button in the drop down menu

updated January 2017