Group Rep

Instructions for accessing email account
and to prepare for GC meetings

Description: __2_ year term.
Acts as liaison with Nicotine Anonymous World Services.

To respond to email:

  1. Login to
  2. Username: grouprep
  3. Password: provided in email to you by the Web Servant
  4. In top navigation bar, click on Mail
  5. Mail opens
  6. Note that unread mail is white, read mail is gray
  7. Sign out: Click the email address top right, drop down menu opens
  8. Select “Sign out” button in the drop down menu

How to: prepare for Group Conscience Meeting

  • Prior to monthly Group Conscience meeting check out Nicotine Anonymous website under What’s New  Share anything that seems important.
  • At the Group conscience meeting post the Nicotine Anonymous website
  • Report any new pieces of literature being reviewed from website
  • After Group conscience meeting send a copy of information shared at group conscience to for minutes

When communication arrives from Nicotine Anonymous:
(Two Way Talk, meeting minutes/etc)  send it on to to be posted on VONR website

GC Chairperson ( at the end of February to have an election for delegates for the April Conference (one person per every three meetings held is allowed)

updated January 2016