Group Owner

VONR Yahoo Group Owner
Instructions for accessing email account

Description – serves indefinitely
Not an elected position.
Message board “bouncing member” deletion on semi-annual basis, spam control, adds and removes Moderator function as directed by Group Conscience.  John R. (OldHippyDude999) & Roz (Rhoskie) were the original group owners.

To respond to email:

  1. Login to
  2. Username: groupowner
  3. Password: provided in email to you by the Web Servant
  4. In top navigation bar, click on Mail
  5. Mail opens
  6. Note that unread mail is white, read mail is gray
  7. Sign out: Click the email address top right, drop down menu opens
  8. Select “Sign out” button in the drop down menu


This position includes overseeing the Yahoo group’s “About” page wording and coding.  Also overseeing the Files, Photos, Links, Database and Polls sections for errors or messes.  And managing members who are spamming or harassing others on the message board.

Note: the Yahoo Calendar feature has been disabled, and the new Calendar of Meetings is in the Google Apps account (which the Calendar person and Web Servant have access to through Google Apps). 

Skills needed:

  • Moderator status of VONR Yahoo Group.
  • Ability to navigate Yahoo, upload and download documents, monitor document formats and uploads in Files section, manipulate Database, monitor Photos, and Links for spam or inappropriate content.  
  • Expertise with moderating Yahoo discussion board for spammers or harassment, and manage members’ posting privileges.
  • Proficiency with changing members’ roles.
  • Willingness to monitor Yahoo’s infamous sudden changes, and communicate with Yahoo while keeping the VONR members as a priority.

updated January 2017