Service Positions

VONR service opportunities, smober or not, include doing readings in meetings, helping newcomers, and stepping up for elected positions which require no smobriety time (GC Motion Compiler and Speaker Meeting Recorder).

Nicotine Anonymous service opportunities include writing articles for Seven Minutes newsletter, and writing submissions for NicA’s new Daily Meditations Book.




Meeting Chair/
Indefinite 60 days Open room, conduct meeting (or co-chair), close room. Click on link or see “Meeting Chair Info” page for more
Meeting Co-chair Indefinite 30 days Conduct part(s) of meeting with Admin. Click on link or see “Meeting Chair Info” page for more




Calendar Manager
Celeste H
2 years
12/16- 11/30/18
90 days Makes all changes on the Google Calendar regarding
meetings and/or special events. This includes adding/
removing meetings as needed according to group needs and available resources.
calendar (at)
Chip Program

Celeste H
2 years

4/17- 3/31/19

6 months Keeps financial records of donations and expenditures
using Pay Pal Account and mails chips to members on
request. Reports on status of program to monthly GC.
chips (at)
Forum Owners Chick and Aimee C. Indefinite


1+ year and dedication to group

2 owner/admins oversee the operation of the forum.  Duties include overseeing Moderators, acting as liaison with Forum tech support, and resolving issues as they arise.

forum (at)

Forum Moderators
Dee, Teresa, Louise, Margie L.
2 years 6 months

Oversee the discussions in the forum.  Duties include deleting spam, encouraging friendly discourse, and reminding members who are disruptive.

GC Chairperson
1 year
1/18- 12/31/18
1 year Facilitates orderly discussion of group business in
accordance with posted Agenda and Roberts Rules of
GCChair (at)
GC Chairperson Designate
1 year

1/18- 12/31/18

6 months Same requirements as above. Becomes GC Chair at the end of term.
GC Motion

2 years


active in group
30 days
Maintains documentation of all GC motions and status.
GCMotions (at)
Group Greeter
1 year
12/16- 11/30/17
90 days Sends official “Newcomer Letter” to new members of the VONR Forum and maintains email contact with them as needed.
greeter (at)
Group Rep
Jan w/ Nelson
2 year
8/16- 7/31/18
6 months  Acts as liaison with Nicotine Anonymous World
GroupRep (at)
Paltalk Room Owner(s)
Dan W (Sparkchaser)
Michele P
Indefinite3/13- Indefinite
2/17- Indefinite
1+ year and dedication to group Switches members to Pal Talk admins and super-admins and removes admin status for those no longer active in the group, all in accordance with group conscience requirements.  Monitors member photos on Paltalk site.  Room Owner along with Super Admins, are charged with banning people in accordance with GC Guidelines and if requested by meeting Chairperson.  Technically, Room Ownership may not be transferred.
RoomOwner (at)
1 year 6 months Responsible to keep minutes of Group Conscience (GC) meetings. Posts motions to screen during GC meetings, counts votes and compiles and posts minutes of such meetings to Yahoo Files Section. Sends notices to
Admins of GC decisions which affect facilitating
secretary (at)

1 year


6 months In the absence of the acting secretary, the secretary
designate will take GC minutes. The designate will then forward them to the acting secretary. Should the acting secretary not be available, the secretary designate will then post the GC minutes to the File section and the
message board.
Speaker Meeting(s)
active in group
30 days
Records the Saturday night speaker, if applicable. Speaker Recorder needs to be active in the group for at least 30 days and have a desire to be nicotine free.  He/she serves for as long as he/she is able to perform the service.
SpeakerMeeting (at)
Super Admin
Michele P
2 year
1/17- 12/31/18
1 year Super Admin is an elected position. The Super Admin
assists Room Owner when a Member requests Admin
Status by 1) sending orientation documents to new
admin, 2) ensuring and helping if necessary, the new
admin has joined the Paltalk group 3) emailing the Paltalk Room Owner when all
requirements have been met.
superadmin (at)
 2 years
7/17- 6/30/19
 1 year Remits received donations from VONR’s Virtual Basket to an established PayPal Account. Keeps records of all
transactions and reports to Group Conscience (GC) monthly all expenditures and balances. Opens a
checking account with two (2) signatures in the name of VONR using the 501c3 non-profit status of Nicotine Anonymous World Services (if not then will be opened in Treasurer’s name). Requirements for Treasurer and Alt Treasurer are (1) Minimum of one year free of
nicotine (2) having had an elected position in VONR
(3) having had bookkeeping or accounting experience strongly suggested.
treasurer (at)

 2 years

11/17- 6/30/19

 1 year All the duties of Treasurer (above) in the Treasurer’s
absence or delegated by the Treasurer. To add to the duties of Alternate Treasurer; the alternate treasurer will become treasurer upon the completion of the
treasurer’s elected term of 2 years.
Web Servant /
Web Master

Aimee C
Anthony W.
2 years

8/15- 7/31/17
6/18 – 5/31/20

1+ year and dedication to group Responsible to add or subtract content for the web page and update group interface as requested.
More details to be added.
webservant (at)
webmaster (at)
Web Servant

2 years 6 months Help train new trusted servants to use VONR email and Google Drive for the web page and update group interfaces as requested, based on tech skills.
info (at) – Lydia
tech (at) – Anthony
WhatsApp Group Chairperson
TBD Responsible to report WhatsApp stats at GC meetings, add people to whatsapp group, help with app settings, admin the chat (g-rated), oversee chat log, availability for 12-step calls.
chat (at)
WSO Delegates
1 year  6 months Elected members who represent the group at World
Services Organization (WSO) Conferences.
Yahoo Group Owner(s)
Aimee C


1+ year and dedication to group Oversee the messages in “Conversations” directing new members to our other resources, and act as liaison with Yahoo.  Will remain owners until the group agrees  to archive Yahoo.
John R. (OldHippyDude999) & Roz (Rhoskie) were the
original group owners.
groupowner (at)

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