Chairing Meetings

Chairperson = Meeting Admin in Paltalk

To get an “Admin hat” and be able to chair meetings:

  1. Be nicotine-free for 30 days
  2. Find another meeting chairperson to co-chair with once you are nicotine-free 30 days.
    It’s advisable to co-chair with more than one chair person so that you can experience different ways of chairing meetings.
  3. Co-chair with another meeting admin/chairperson for 30 days — minimum of 4 meetings over 30 days time.
  4. Review “VONR Meeting Admin Notes” document (below) to understand about Group Conscience motions affecting meeting admins.
  5. To become an admin you must go to (copy URL to clipboard’ on the Paltalk meeting room upper left under Owner Johnjdmc) and click ‘FOLLOW’ in order to be added as an admin.
  6. Send an email to superadmin (at)
    [replace the “(at)” with the @ sign in your email] with:
    –Your exact Paltalk username (exact is needed so superadmin can find your name in Paltalk & give you access)
    –Smobriety date
    –Dates of when you co-chaired & with whom

It is NOT required that a chairperson have a regularly scheduled meeting on the calendar. A chair person may open the meeting room at any time for a meeting (not just chat), by posting a notice on our message board (VONR Forum) that the meeting room is open.  An admin may also substitute chair for other admins.

NOTE: If a chairperson begins using nicotine again, he or she must wait 30 days after becoming nicotine-free to begin chairing again.

Suggested Meeting Format
VONR Meeting Format rev. January, 2019
Go to Find > Download, and choose the file type you would like.

Admin Meeting Notes
Learn more about chairing from notes compiled from GC motions.  This revised version is still pending GC approval:
Meeting Admin Notes Revisions- Working Document