Congratulations on your Smobriety Time! We would like to send you a chip free of charge for your accomplishment! This chip program is being offered by Voices of Nicotine Recovery. Chips are given to represent the amount of Smobriety Time for the person free of nicotine. If you would like a chip, please send the following information to us at Click on the link or copy and paste this link into your favorite e-mail program.  Please write “VONR chip program” in the subject box. Please let us know:

  1. Denomination you would like.
  2. Your full name: first and last
  3. Your complete address with zip code
Denominations available:
30 day 60 day 90 day
6 months 9 months  1 year
18 months 2 years and so on year by year…

NOTE #1: Please only request a chip honoring your current smobriety anniversary. Due to volume and cost, we cannot provide chips for previous anniversaries.

NOTE #2: If you have relapsed and begun again, it is up to your own conscience whether you ask for chips that have already been sent for a previous quit.

You do not have to contribute to receive a chip.  However, if you would like to contribute, we use donations to support the chip program, our web presence, and Nicotine Anonymous World Services.

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