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All meeting times US Eastern Time Zone.
How To Get to Meetings: info below calendar.

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How to Get to Meetings

Paltalk How-to PDF – (long version)

Paltalk New Version – How-to Video Tutorial for PC: logging into Paltalk, finding VONR. – support for desktop and mobile devices

All meetings take place on Paltalk. They last approximately one hour, and have a specific
format.  We are a “voice” meeting site, meaning that our meetings take place in a “voice
enabled” room. We can literally talk to and hear each other share.

You will need speakers to be able to hear our voice shares. A microphone is necessary only if you would like to talk to share. You are welcome to type your shares too. Simply create a
username and password for Paltalk and join us!

See the Calendar of Meetings page for days and times of meetings.

PC and Mac users can go to the Paltalk website at: to download free Paltalk software client, and install it on your PC or Mac computer.  Then create an account with a username and password on your own computer.  When you click on the Paltalk icon on your desktop, it automatically connects you to Paltalk.  See for support for desktop software.

iPhone, iPad, and Droid apps are also available from their respective app stores, for free. Please do a search for Paltalk for your device’s apps.  The features are a bit different with these apps, but you can hear the meetings and type share. See  for support for mobile devices

How to attend meetings on Paltalk

  1. Download PalTalk Messenger
  2. 15 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to begin, log into Paltalk
  3. Select Chat Rooms > Health > Overcoming Addiction > Voices of Nicotine Recovery.  YOU ARE NOW IN THE MEETING!

Be sure to “Add to Favorites” so you can find us again.

NOTE: The room is only visible when a chairperson opens it.

Remember that all meetings are posted in U.S Eastern Time. You may need to make adjustments to your time zone.  Compare Eastern Standard Time* or Eastern Daylight Time** to your own time zone:

*U.S. Eastern Standard Time: November thorough March (winter)
**U.S. Eastern Daylight Time: April through November (summer)